Meet The Staff

Barbara:  Barb has been a dedicated employee since 1986.  Anyone who knows Tip Top knows Barb.  With over 30 years of furniture sales experience, she is an extremely gifted sales person and always goes above and beyond.

Cathy Barber:  Started at Tip Top in 2002.   Cathy’s personality and organizational skills make her an intricate part of the sales team.  With a special eye for decorating she is always ready for a day of work and keeps all things in order that come her way.

Jessica:  One of Tip Top’s youngest employees. Starting in 2015 as a salesperson, then transferring to the office staff in 2018,  she is a welcome asset to the Tip Top family. She loves what she does and it shows. She excels in anything computer related and contributes in so many ways.  Hope she’s here as long as Barb!

Karen:  With Tip Top for nearly 10 years, and does an excellent job at keeping our store looking spic and span for our customers to come through.  Karen enjoys each and every day that she is at work and does her best.

Mark:   Mark has been part of the Tip Top family 1998.  If you have a question about flooring, he’s your man.  Always happy to lend a hand, and always smiling along.  A true blessing to the environment.

Evelyn:  A part of the Tip Top family since 2000.  She is part time in the office, but a central part of our office staff handling ordering among other necessary tasks to help office function at their best.  If you’re lucky, you may get her as your salesperson on the weekend!

Sally: A member of the Tip Top office staff since 2008.  Sally works part time and fills in whenever needed.  Always with a smile on her face and sense of humor intact.

Debbie Jones: A valuable asset to the company in many ways.  Deb heads up the HR Department and Assists Ken and Donna Mae with the overall well being of the business from the accounting and general management of the environment  Helps with whatever the task at hand maybe.

Adam Klob:  With the Tip Top Family since 2001.  As manager of the warehouse, delivery and customer service department, he is a hard worker and genuinely an all around great guy.  He helps his boss and customers in any way he can and is truly an asset that the Tip Top family cherishes.  He cares about each and every customer and does everything in his power to make them happy that they shopped at Tip Top.

Nick, Issac & Daniel:  The warehouse and delivery team is the backbone of our business.  Tip Top is fortunate to have some of the the best. “Responsible” “Courteous” “Respectful”  and “Cooperative” are some of the ways our customers describe our delivery team. Nick & Issac run the delivery truck to all of our customers, and Daniel handles the daily tasks of the Warehouse such as customer pick ups, receive furniture deliveries, and help load our delivery trucks for the day.

Donna Mae:  With Tip Top since birth. Her first official job was cleaning the store with her grandmother for an ice cream and a story read to her by Grandma Mae.  Donna Mae has taken on more and more responsibility for her “Family business”  as Ken tries to take some time to “Relax”. Although merchandising and interior design are her specialties, she is there to guide and educate the sales team as well as customers. Being a self proclaimed “Furniture Nerd” certainly agrees with her.  Her passion for this business is hard to miss and she is sure to bring this business into the second generation.

Kenneth Dudley:  Last but not least, the man of the hour! The guy who runs the largest furniture store from Kingston to Albany in a town with a population of under 1000 people. Our owner of this amazing store in the foothills in the Catskill Mountains.  It is not for the faint of heart to start any business, but to grow it this as big as it has become here in Freehold, then to make it a success since 1978 with over 32,000 square feet of show room and even more warehouse space, you can consider yourself lucky or one of the hardest workers out there.  Everyone who knows Ken personally describes him as generous, humble and kind.  He runs a tight ship and has built his business on customer service and treating people how he would want to be treated.  Each new customer that walks through the door marvels at the treasure they have found.  His willingness to succeed and drive is the reason his business has withstood nearly 40 years through both good and bad economic times.

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